News about the festival

Dear friends,

the preparations for our festival are in full swing :-)!
We are watching the incoming registrations from Tübingen, the rest of Germany and Europe  :-)!!!
Folklang 2.0 is the host – that means all of us :-)! We will discuss the festival on 21.10.22 in the Tunelearning with you. We have planned the festival as cost effective as possible for us as organizers and for the participants.
That means for example:

– Assembly and disassembly incl. cleaning up we do ourselves.

– For the concert tickets there is only the box office (no advance sale). Tickets can be reserved at . The entrance fee is from 10€ for all, except children up to 14 years.

– The whole team will run the festival on a voluntary basis. We will see where we stand financially when the festival is over and everything is paid for.

To run the festival as stress-free as possible for all we need support in some places:

From 19.10.22:

2 people to coordinate sleeping places (search sleeping place / offer sleeping place). The registration is open until 21.10. Approx. on 22.10. the participants will receive a mail with details about the festival. Here it would be nice to let those who are looking for a place to sleep know where and with whom it will be.

1st day (Fri. 28.10.):

from 2pm: 2 people with cars to bring our equipment from the Franzwerk to the Sudhaus/Theatersaal and help us set up.
from 3.30pm: 3 people to give festival wristbands to the arriving people, check them off the registration list and take donations for participation (does anyone have a lockable cash box?)
    after 9pm: 2 people to clean up at the end of the first day. We will ask all participants to help out.

2nd day (Sat. 29.10.):

after 9pm: 2 People to clean up at the end of the first day. We will ask all participants to help out.

3rd day (Sun. 30.10.):

from 9.15pm:
4 people to clean up and sweep the theater hall
3 people with cars to pack the flipcharts, stands etc. into the car and move them to Freistil on 31.10. (the equipment should be in Freistil by 09.30am).

Day 4 (31.10.)

from 9.00am: 4 people to prepare the hall in Freistil with us for the workshops.
In the afternoon: preparing the hall for the concert. Here we need ALL, then it goes in a jiffy.
from 6.15pm: 4 people, gladly friends of you, who do not play at concert for the preparation and execution of the entrance. That means: collect 10 €, stamp on your hand and if maybe we have wristbands. Admission is at 18.30. The concert starts at 19.00.
from 11pm: 6 people to pack up the chairs and put them away and clean up the hall. Also here we will try to get all participants to help. Then this will also go in a jiffy.

There will probably be one or two more things to do here :-). If you can support us with the realization, please write a mail with the when/what of your support to 


Many greetings from the Folklang Team