News from Folklang 2.0

Dear friends,

we hope that everyone has recovered from WTF C. by now.

It probably makes sense if we all test ourselves again during the winter before the Tunelearnings (and the upcoming festival).

We played the concert in Herrenberg with half the crew; that was a challenge for a short time :-), which we managed well. The people of Herrenberg were happy with us and we think it was a good experience for Folkang 2.0 as well. Many thanks to all involved!!!

The topic “Division of Society” will be the theme of the ARD theme week in November. It is under the title/question: “What keeps us together?”

Folklang 2.0 has been chosen for this theme week. This brings publicity, which we can well use. Funding for Folklang 3.0 for 2023 is not yet in place.

Several applications have been submitted – now we are waiting for feedback. This publicity can help!

And this is how we create it:

On Friday, 14.10.22, SWR radio will come to Tunelearning on behalf of ARD. This will be a 3 minute contribution on the radio.

On Friday, 21.10.22, SWR television comes to Tunelearning on behalf of ARD. This is a 7 – 15 minute contribution for television.

As always, we look forward to a full house!

We will address the festival in the next two Tunelearnings. We closed registration yesterday. We will be + – 60 musicians. There are also registrations from European countries and of course other cities within Germany.

We will be good hosts if we all help a bit :-)!

Many greetings

Your Folklang Team