• Dates in October

    07.10. Tunelearning cancelled. We are in rehab 🙂

    14.10. Tunelearning in Franzwerk

    21.10. Tunelearning in Franzwerk/Meeting Festival

    28.10. – 31.10. Folklang 2.0 Festival with final concert

  • Festival

    Dear friends,

    for your information and enjoyment: We are organising a big Folkang 2.0 Festival with a final concert again!

    From 28.10. – 30.10.2022 the workshops/tunelearnings will take place in the theatre hall of the Sudhaus. For the last rehearsal, the sound check and the concert we will move to the hall of Freistil/TĂĽbingen on 31.10.2022.

    For participation in the festival we ask for a donation! Please take care of your own catering.

    If you want to participate and for further information, please register here!

    Best regards from

    the Folkang Team

    PS: Next Tunelearnig, or rehearsal for the concert on 03.10.22 is next Friday, 30.09.22 at 19h in the FranzWerk.

  • Dates in September ’22


    09.09., 23.09., 30.09. (main rehearsal for the gig on 3rd October)

    from 19.00 to 21:00

    We meet at FRANZ!werk, Bei den Pferdeställen 8 (Französisches Viertel), 72072 Tübingen.

    Other Dates

    16.09.: somewhere outside

    17.09.22, 15.00 Uhr: we play at Pauline Krone Heim (WilhelmstraĂźe 87, 72074 TĂĽbingen)


    03.10.2022, 18:00, Concert in Stadthalle Herrenberg – Herrenberg Bleibt Bunt-Fescht 22!

  • We are back

    Dear Folklang community, dear supporters, dear friends,

    We are back – Folklang 2.0!

    Tunelearnings are on Fridays, except for the last Friday in a month.

    We meet at FRANZ!werk, Bei den Pferdeställen 8 (Französisches Viertel), 72072 Tübingen.

    For the new start after the long break we have won a new but not completely unknown team! 🙂

    The German version of this website has more content at the moment. We are working on translations.