November Newsletter

Dear friends, there has been a lot going on in the past weeks and we have managed it quite well together. The visits of the SWR journalists with their contributions, the very affectionate journalist from the Tagblatt, our festival… A very special thank you to all of you who helped and supported us. We do… Continue reading November Newsletter

News from Folklang 2.0

Dear friends, we hope that everyone has recovered from WTF C. by now. It probably makes sense if we all test ourselves again during the winter before the Tunelearnings (and the upcoming festival). We played the concert in Herrenberg with half the crew; that was a challenge for a short time :-), which we managed… Continue reading News from Folklang 2.0

News about the festival

Dear friends, the preparations for our festival are in full swing :-)!We are watching the incoming registrations from Tübingen, the rest of Germany and Europe  :-)!!!Folklang 2.0 is the host – that means all of us :-)! We will discuss the festival on 21.10.22 in the Tunelearning with you. We have planned the festival as… Continue reading News about the festival


Dear friends, for your information and enjoyment: We are organising a big Folkang 2.0 Festival with a final concert again! From 28.10. – 30.10.2022 the workshops/tunelearnings will take place in the theatre hall of the Sudhaus. For the last rehearsal, the sound check and the concert we will move to the hall of Freistil/Tübingen on… Continue reading Festival

Updates and Reminders

Dear friends, here are some updates + reminders: On 17 September 2022, we will play/jam for the Pauline Krone Heim in Tübingen (Wilhelmstraße 87, 72074 Tübingen). This action is free of charge and a gift from Folklang 2.0 to the residents 🙂 If the weather is fine, we will play/jam outside from 3 pm. If… Continue reading Updates and Reminders

News in August

Dear friends, we start after the summer break with the first Tunelearning on 09 September 2022 at 7pm at FranzWerk :-)!We will rehearse our repertoire in September and add a new tune (Balkan by Ivo). On 03.10.2022 at 6 pm we will perform at the Stadthalle Herrenberg within the event Herrenberg Bleibt Bunt-Fescht 22!The 03.10. is a holiday and we… Continue reading News in August

June Newsletter

Dear friends, next Friday, 17.06.22 from 7pm we have the Duo Coda (Conce and David) from Chile as guests in the Tunelearning. They will teach us a Morenada from Bolivia :-). For this Tunelearning we also expect the Schwäbische Tagblatt (finally – we hope it will work out). We might all be asked this+that about Folklang 2.0,… Continue reading June Newsletter

Rehearsing our repertoire

Dear friends, We will be arranging and rehearsing our entire repertoire at the tunelearning on 20.05.22 (Friday at FranzWerk, 7pm – 9.30pm) and also on 21.05.22 (Saturday at Lichti, Schwabstr.6/Tübingen, 10am – 4pm). As always, everyone is welcome to join us!We would be happy if the people who have taught us a song so far, or who will… Continue reading Rehearsing our repertoire

Our dates in May

Dear friends, on Friday, 29.04.22 we will meet at 7.30 pm on Sternplatz (opposite the pub Pausenhof)) and play our repertoire in the fresh air and jam a bit. Feel free to bring your friends. From mid-May onwards, we will probably be able to jam once a month in Pausenhof :-). You can find most of our… Continue reading Our dates in May