Farewell Newsletter

Dear friends,

Here’s a quick personal update this time around: Sofia, Ammar, and I will soon be bidding farewell to Tübingen.

The remaining Folklang team is currently hard at work crafting a new project – one that bears a striking resemblance to Folklang. It’s likely that everything will undergo a bit of a transformation, evolving and taking on a new name. And it will find its home at Klangfolk e.V.

Back in June, I submitted an application to the Tübingen Cultural Office for a winter festival in 2023. The good news is, we’ve received a grant approval. I’m optimistic that this newfound support can fuel the momentum of our new project. Conversations with both the Cultural Office and our association will help align things.

So, for now, I’d like to bid you all farewell and extend my heartfelt gratitude. You’ve been the pillars of strength for Folklang, and many of you have selflessly and consistently supported Folklang throughout the years.

And a big thank you for enriching us with your music and your unique ways of being. In my experience, people always vary in their own remarkable ways, which is why the cultural differences among us don’t hold much weight. Folklang has repeatedly confirmed this truth for me. Another aspect that truly brought me joy at Folklang is the freedom to learn and grow. We had the space to experiment without the burden of external pressures, discovering what’s possible without imposed constraints.

Since 2014, Folklang has been an integral part of my life. The motivation behind my non-musical 🙂 endeavors was to contribute to creating a space free from pressure, where creative expression can flourish. We deliberately embraced complete voluntariness, establishing an environment where everyone participates out of genuine drive. I firmly believe that diversity holds immense power when nurtured within a consciously crafted, sensitive framework – one that allows for mistakes and growth. This is how a community forms, one that unites perspectives and talents, where every individual finds their place regardless of background or origin. Despite not being the most charming person and not playing an instrument or singing particularly well, I found my place at Folklang.

Thank you to all the teams and participants of Folklang for creating this space and for the many beautiful, intense, and sometimes challenging moments.

Warm regards,