Festival Newsletter June

Dear friends,

we are ready for the festival and very much looking forward to it :-)!

Here is a link for pre-sale tickets, which you are very welcome to share with the world:

FYI, we have started a crowdfunding on Betterplace. Here is the link: https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/123284-folklang-wir-feiern-vielfalt-und-machen-musik
You can also send this link to the world. Feel free to add a few personal words if you forward it by email. The more often the better :-). The aim of this crowdfunding is that we can finance Folklang for the rest of the year.

There is still an application open with the Soziofond Kultur, which, if successful, will fund us until mid-24.

You can see all the dates for June on our website. We are especially looking forward to our small concert in the Tübingen Hospice on 23.06.23. The nursing service management has pointed out to us that we may not have a visible audience, but an invisible audience, whom we will please with our concert.

This concert will be our last gathering. After that, we will go on summer break until September. If our crowdfunding on Betterplace is successful, or the application at the Social Fund for Culture, we will continue in September. You will receive a newsletter at the end of August/beginning of September. Also check our website www.folklang.de from time to time.

Thank you very much for your commitment and your (not only musical) contributions! See you at the festival :-)!

Kind regards
Your Folklang Team