Newsletter before the summer break

Dear friends,

we would like to ask you once again to sign up for our concert on 08.07.22 at the Tübingen City Festival. We want to give the sound engineer on site an approximate idea of what to expect and of course compile the setlist. For this we MUST know who will be there.

Please help us with the organisation.

If you want to join us on stage, please sign up here NOW :-)! Thank you very much!

We will play from 21:00 – 22:00 on the Zambaioni stage in front of the Nonnenhaus.
We will meet at 19:30 somewhere in front of the stage :-)!

The general rehearsal for the concert is on Friday, 01.07.22 from 19:00 at FranzWerk- by then the setlist should be ready, because everyone has signed up in the nuudel :-)!!!!!

Bernhardt has prepared the tunes for us- THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The work is here.

On 14.07.2022 we will play/jam at the Asylzentrum Tübingen/Café International from 16:00 to 18:00 (Neckarhalde 40). More about this on 01.07. at the rehearsal.

Then it’s time for the summer break – after the summer holidays we will continue. Check the website in August. There will probably also be a newsletter before then.

See you on friday!

Your Folklang 2.0 Team